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Toastmaster of Ceremonies  (wedding reception tips)

More and more, brides-to-be, their fiancés and parents are becoming increasing aware of the benefits of employing a professional toastmaster for their wedding day. Most hotels and venues are also aware of the extra dimensions added by a well trained and experienced toastmaster, which not only assist greatly in the overall running and presentation but remove some of the work of hard-pressed, in house staff teams. This alone makes a toastmaster’s fee, more than justifiable. Added to this, is that the duties that a toastmaster performs, will enhance the special day and consequentially reflect well on the venue’s image and reputation.

Before committing yourself to a particular toastmaster, always check his/her credentials and of course, fees charged, what the fee includes (i.e. pre-visits) and if any ‘penalty’ for cancellation is imposed.

The English Toastmasters Association believes that your event should also be fun for all those attending, leaving a feeling of warmth and caring for you and your guests.


  • Which professional organisation does the prospective toastmaster belong to?
  • Where trained and by whom?
  • Is a brochure/details of professional services available?
  • Is the correct code of dress worn?
  • Do they have at least £5,000,000 Public Liability Insurance?
  • Do they refrain from Alcoholic beverages while working for their clients?

To give a guideline please consult the list below for some of the inclusive services offered. A professional toastmaster organises, directs and presents the wedding breakfast or event in the correct manner, dresses appropriately and has the flexibility to incorporate the wishes of their clients.

Before The Day

All information is gathered, listed, recorded and saved. Your toastmaster should be available for help and advice to include procedures, table plans, bouquets/presents and who says what and when. Your toastmaster liaises with venues/hoteliers/caterers and follows a checklist of the arrangements as per the wishes of their clients.

On The Day

Your toastmaster should arrive early at your wedding/reception/venue and check that all is ready for the wedding party.

When attending your wedding service at another venue, such as a church or synagogue, your toastmaster should be dressed appropriately and not necessarily wearing the red tail coat.

  • Receive and direct guests and help with buttonholes, corsages, gifts and cards.
  • Receive and escort the Bridegroom on arrival.
  • Assist any guests with mobility or who may be in wheelchairs.
  • Receive and assist Bride and escort.
  • Arrange Brides dress for photographs and help locate guests for group photos.
  • Liaise with photographers and videographers to make sure that they are aware of what is happening, before it takes place, and to help them keep within pre-arranged times.
  • Ensure that guests are informed of their places at table and may help direct them to their places.
  • Announce the grand entrance of the Bride and Bridegroom and parades and escorts them to their places at the top table.
  • Says the Grace before the meal or introduces the chosen guest to do so.
  • Inform staff that guests are ready to be served.
  • During the meal ensure everyone is being served and is attended to.
  • Announce the principle proposes of the traditional toasts and ensures that any presents, gifts and bouquets, etc, are ‘to hand’ at the right time and in the preferred order.
  • Announce and organise the ceremony of the cutting of the wedding cake together with three special wishes.
  • Act upon any special requests of the host and hostess, Bride or Bridegroom and formally closes the wedding breakfast to prepare for any subsequent festivities.

The English Toastmasters Association was established 2003, to promote the very highest standards of performance and conduct for professional toastmasters and masters of ceremonies.


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