wedding planning tips (part6)

Wedding Rings

Wedding rings are some of the most important purchases you’ll make in your life. Before you buy them, read up on buying advice, how to get great deals and more.

Men’s wedding rings are somewhat of a new phenomenon. Most likely your grandfathers didn’t wear one, yet most modern men do. Vintage and antique ring sets rarely include a band for the groom – only the engagement ring and wedding band for the bride. Why did this trend happen? It was the war.

In the United States, it was very rare for a groom to receive a ring before World War II. Yet, during the war, rings became symbols of wives left at home, and their popularity soared. Post-war prosperity allowed even more couples to afford this extra piece of jewellery, and eventually it became the standard. Ever since then, more and more married men each year choose to wear a man’s wedding ring.

Certainly you are not required to have a ring, but it will be a comfort when your love is far away, a reminder when temptation is high, and a symbol of pride to the world that you are a married man. In some communities, there is stigma about the man who chooses not to wear a ring. They may see bare hands as a sign of wanting to cheat, or a sign of someone who is less committed.

For those who are unsure if it will feel comfortable, purchase an inexpensive ring and try it on for a week or so. It will most likely feel uncomfortable and strange at first, but as the week goes on, it will feel more natural. Most guys start off finding it very strange, but soon forget they have one on. Look for the label “comfort fit” (rounded edges that prevent the ring from cutting into your hand) and make sure that it is the right size for you, especially if your hands swell in the heat.

If you think of jewellery as a girl’s thing, fear not. Your ring need not be effeminate. Most men’s wedding rings are simple wide bands that would never be confused with women’s jewellery. On the contrary, such a ring can add to look of strength of your hands. Ask your jeweller to assist you with styles that will most compliment your hand.

If you’re still uncomfortable with the idea of wearing a ring everyday, perhaps you’ll want to purchase a watch or pendant that has a phrase from your sweetheart engraved on it. You could also consider a Tattooed wedding ring.


Determine Your Budget

When a guy’s shopping for an wedding ring, salespeople often do a sneaky thing – they make him think that the amount of his love is tied to how much he spends on a ring. Better to figure out how much you can afford to spend before you step foot in a store.

Pay Attention

You’re going to have to make a lot of choices – platinum or gold? Modern or traditional? Flashy or understated? It’s easier if you’ve done your homework beforehand. Look at the jewellery your sweetheart wears on a daily basis. Don’t go into a jewellery store alone. They’re scary places full of way too many choices.

Get a Quality Jeweller

Ask for recommendations from friends and family. My advice is to stick to the smaller jewellers and try to avoid the national chains – they often sacrifice quality for mass marketing. You can of course do a lot of background work via the internet.


The token or giving rings to each other is for life, so ensure you get it right.

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