Setup IVR On Mobile Number

Setup IVR On Mobile Number

Before cloud telephony was introduced, traditional communication systems were still used by businesses. Companies had to ensure they maintained high service quality. This was when the technology platform assumed responsibility for closing communication gaps between customers, business and employees. Companies now have the ability to migrate to the cloud, and to meet customer needs the help calling Ajoxi and Lets Dial.

Businesses use the cloud telephony Interactive Voice Response System (IVR-system) for customer interaction.Traditional communication systems were used by businesses before cloud telephony was created. It took months to implement changes. Service quality was a key concern for businesses. This was the moment when technology platforms took over the responsibility of closing the communication gap between business and customers. Businesses have the chance to go to the cloud to meet customer expectations. The cloud telephony Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system is used by most businesses. IVR services are easy to set up and can be cloud-based. Many functions can be offered, such as personalized greetings and hold songs, call recording, and rerouting. Advanced Internet Voice Response allows companies and individuals to add IVR service to their new or existing mobile phones.

steps will guide you in setting up an interactive voice response system:

Step.1 Purchase your service plan

First, select an IVR Package. This step is described below. Cloud Telephony’s interactive voice system (IVR), allows flexibility for businesses. Users can use their own mobile number as an IVR. After choosing the number, the cloud provider will signup the company. This is the power of cloud ERP. Customers can see 360° from any angle, including sales, transactions, and area services(613 area code and 657 area code).

Step.2 Choose your desired mobile number-

Cloud telephone’s interactive voice response system allows businesses flexibility. Customers can also use their mobile number to act like an IVR. After selecting the mobile number, the provider of cloud telephony will signup the company. This is the potential for a cloud ERP. Customers have a 360 degree view that includes sales, transactions and services.

Step.3 Service Activation

After selecting the IVR phone number, an IVR script will be generated and sent to service provider. After this, the IVR will integrate the script.

Step.4 Service finalization-

After activating the IVR on the business’ mobile number, outbound and inbound call services become enabled, and businesses will begin to receive calls. (The business calls are rerouted to the designated department/executives based on the caller’s input selected from the keypad).

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