Netherlands Phone Number Free

Netherlands Phone Number Free

Netherlands Phone Number/SIM

It is essential to have your own sim card in the Netherlands with a Netherlands telephone number. There are many options for mobile phones in the Netherlands. Each deal is tailored to your budget and specific needs.

We recommend you sign up for a Netherlands phone service immediately. Pre-paid plans are not recommended as it is cheaper to pay only once per month and then to replenish your balance every month. A majority of providers offer monthly, yearly, or bi-annual contracts. So you can pick the best option for you depending on how much time you’ll be staying in the Netherlands.


Netherlands phone contracts offer a variety of plans. They range from sim-only plans to complete allin deals, where you can get your TV, phone and internet all in one package. There are many deals that will suit your needs. To make it easier for you in the myriad of Netherlands telecom companies, here are some popular mobile providers that are great for students.there are provide services to help the customer Call Nation and Prepaid Mall.

Youfone Netherlands

Youfone, the most well-known provider in the Netherlands with the best sim-only deals, is Youfone. Youfone contracts can either be signed for a month, a year or two years. You will also receive a discount based on the length of your contract. Youfone offers unlimited calls and superfast internet to your existing smartphone.

T-Mobile Netherlands

T-Mobile is the most popular mobile operator in the United States. T-Mobile Netherlands plans differ from other countries, however. T-Mobile Netherlands is unique in that you can get a discount if you have roommates who use the area code while helping their area find services 602 area code and 620 area code.


T-Mobile Netherlands offers sim-only, mobile phone and all-in-1 (Alles-in-1) deals. internet and TV for at-home. This is the best option if you plan to move into a private apartment or need to set it up yourself.

These are the most popular sim-only plans for ex-pats living abroad and international students:

Sim Only TMobile Unlimited Internet, Calling, and SMS.

Sim Unlimited Calling and 5GB of the Internet for (EUR22/month, with a price range if you choose to purchase the additional Data plan).

A Home Telephone/Internet/TV package starts at EUR20 per month, with huge discounts for the first 6 months.

The prices for a phone contract with a Smartphone are between EUR18.50 and EUR53 per Month, depending on which plan and the device you choose. You can find the best deal, smartphone, or plan at T-Mobile Netherlands by following this link.

Tele2 Netherlands

Tele2 in the Netherlands is another mobile phone provider. It offers monthly, annually, and biannual contracts. Tele2 deals are popular among students. However, we’ll let them decide. The following are the most sought-after Tele2 plans, both for expats or international students.

Sim-Only 7GB Internet plus 200 calling minutes, SMS and EUR18 per monthly

Sim + Smartphone 7GB of internet and 200 minutes calling, starting at EUR20 a month depending on the device.

Sim-Only Unlimited Calling, SMS and Internet for EUR35 per monthly

Tele2 has the right deal for you. Follow this link and find out what Tele2 deals are available.


The following are required to get a Netherlands number and a contract at a Dutch telecom company:

An ID/PASSPORT valid for EU/EEA citizens

A Netherlands resident permit if you are a non-EU/EEA citizen

Your BSN #

Netherlands Bank account

A local home address

Student ID for special student deals (optional)

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