Free Cyprus Phone Number

Free Cyprus Phone Number

Virtual phone number in Cyprus It costs only a few dollars per month for your Cyprus phone number . International calls can be forwarded at fractions of the cost. This article will explain how it works. The real is a virtual number A Virtual telephone number works exactly like a normal phone number. It isn’t directly connected to any SIM-card or phone line. Answer calls with free apps for iOS and Android, as well as your laptop Calling your virtual Cyprus telephone number is just like calling a regular phone line. Call your number, and people will see it first before you answer. Get your Cyprus number by clicking this Call Nation and Ajoxi.

Different types

There are three types of numbers in Cyprus that can also be bought as virtual phones.


These numbers are associated to a specific city, 22 for Nicosia. 25 for Limassol.
The national number
These numbers do not link to any particular city, but are used primarily by businesses. The national numbering system is 77.

Toll-free number

All calls to these numbers from within Cyprus are free of charge. Calls to this number will incur an additional minute fee.

Who can purchase a Cyprus phone number?

Anyone can buy a Cyprus phone number from anywhere in the world. It doesn’t matter if you’re a resident or citizen of Cyprus. We must know the identities and addresses of our subscribers in order to provide service. You will need your address and identification number. In some cases, you may be asked to provide proof of your address or an identification.

Get a free trial

Open a free trial to get a Cyprus number for a few days. You can keep it if it suits your needs. If there is no action taken, the number will be automatically deleted.

What is the price?

These are the components that determine the cost of a virtual Cyprus number.
Voicemail , call forwarding and calls A Local Call cost. Services are available as an optional add-on Call recording, voice response is only possible if you have a Business Plan ($4.99 per number and month) or Premium (from PlayStation 11.95 per user per year). Call forwarding includes free calls and no charges for calling. Answer the telephone Answering calls to your Cyprus mobile number is the easiest and most efficient way to answer them. When you get a forwarded call, you can see who called. It depends on your settings. Global call forwarding costs the same as a regular domestic phone call. Call forwarding has many other options. You can answer calls with voice replies, send calls to team members, and many other options for call forwarding. these are the area code 614 area code and  660 area code.

Make calls

Call from Cyprus with our Android, iOS or website apps. You can then call anyone you wish with just one click.

A person you call will see your number. You have the option to display either one of your Sonetel numbers or your regular number.

Call rates will be charged for each call.


SMS are not supported by virtual numbers from Cyprus.

Voice Response

To sell, press one …”. You can either add a Basic number to your number or get Premium.

Voicemail boxes and announcements to callers can be created.

Text to speech is a way to make your messages available to phone callers. Your phone can be used to upload audio files or record new messages.

Call recording

Call recording is available if Premium is added to the number.

Call recording is only allowed when it is legal to do so.
Premium is an optional service which includes all features of. Users and months are separately charged. Premium allows for one number per country and city for each user in your team.
The optional Business package is an add-on service that can be added to existing numbers.

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