Buy Indian Phone Number

Buy Indian Phone Number

India Virtual Phone Number

Have your own Indian phone number. Send international calls for a small fee to anywhere in the world.

The following article will demonstrate how it works at this Prepaid Mall and  Lets Dial.

Virtual phone numbers are the exact same as real numbers

virtual number may be used for calling a regular real number.

Download free apps for Android & iOS so you can make and answer calls from your computer.

A virtual number from India that can be called by people will offer the same experience as calling a regular telephone number. Any calls received from your telephone number will be displayed before you answer. Get your Indian phone number here.

Different types

Two types of numbers are available in India.

  • Cities
    These numbers may be used to refer a specific city, such as 11for New Delhi or 80for Bangalore.
  • Toll-free numbers
    Callers are allowed to call these numbers for free if they call India. The owner charges an additional per minute.

Can you buy an India phone number?

Virtual phone number can be purchased by anyone worldwide, except Indian residents or businesses. Send the call to the India number.

We must know the names of subscribers to our providers. You will need to give your address anywhere in the globe and an identification number. In certain instances, it may be necessary to show proof that you are a resident of the country. and there are area code provide by the services 615 area code and 661 area code.

How much does this cost?

These parts make up the cost of an India virtual number.

  • Installation cost
    Starting at $20
  • Monthly cost
    Starting at $24.99.
  • Call forwarding and calls
    Incoming calls costs $0.160 per hour. Forwarding calls to outgoing calls is available at a Local calling cost.
  • Add-on services available
    A Premium package ($12.95/user/month), or a Business Pack ($4.99 per number/month), is required. Premium packages cost $12.95/month ). and include call forwarding. Voice response and call record are not available to all users.


Answer all calls

It’s easy to answer calls from India using your regular mobile or Landline number.

Forwarded calls allow you to view the number of the caller. Depending on your settings you might also see the virtual number they called.

Call forwarding internationally cost as a normal, local call.

There are many options to call forwarding, such as voice answering answering and team member communication.

Make calls

You can call virtual India using our Android and iOS free web applications.

Callers can see your phone number They have the option of showing your Sonetel or regular mobile number

Each call you make will result in a charge


Does not work with virtual numbers in India

Voice response

To add voice response (for sales), press one …”. You can add a Premium to the number or a Business package to get access to “Voice app”. It’s easy to create caller menus, announcements or voicemail. You may use text-to speech to create messages that will reach callers. Alternatively, you can upload audio files to the phone and create new messages.

Call recording

Call recording will be possible if the Business Package or Premium have been purchased.

Call recordings should only be made if they are legal in the country you live in, or in other countries you reside.

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